The Ledger Solution Is Your Secure Gateway to All Crypto Services

8 April 2021

The Ledger Solution Is Your Secure Gateway to All Crypto Services

Everyone already knows that a hardware wallet is critical to protect your digital assets, but did you know that Ledger offers much more than that? By combining the hardware wallet with the Ledger Live app you can buy, sell, lend, swap and stake multiple cryptocurrencies – all in one place.

Access the Full Ledger Solution

If you are an experienced crypto user you probably already know that a Ledger hardware wallet is the best solution to protect and own your private keys. In fact, you probably already own a Ledger hardware wallet as the company sold over 2 million hardware wallets in more than 165 countries since 2014. What you might not already know is that Ledger also offers a solution to accessing all your other crypto needs.

To access the full solution all you need is a hardware wallet combined with the Ledger Live app. This is easy and requires no further investment as all Ledger hardware wallets come with app. The app allows you to install crypto applications on your hardware wallet and to access other services. And the hardware wallet securely stores your private keys for each crypto you own and authenticates all transactions initiated in the app – this makes everything secure through one single solution.

In addition to having the best security this way, it’s also very convenient. You don’t need to depend on multiple platforms anymore. For example, no need to buy and manage your crypto on an exchange, then transfer them on a hardware wallet to secure it. When you buy through the Ledger app, your coins are immediately sent to the safety of your hardware wallet.

One Key for a Whole World of Uses

The Ledger Live app is available for mobile devices and desktop computers. As one would expect, combining it with a hardware wallet allows you to manage the more than 1800 supported digital assets, check your balances and portfolios as well as send and receive crypto transactions. But you can also access directly many services that some might be mistaken to think are only available on crypto exchanges or DeFi platforms.

With Ledger you can buy several top cryptos and pay using your Payment Card or a Bank Transfer. Made via a Coinify integration, the transaction is simple and once received you will be in charge of your own crypto through the safety of your Ledger hardware wallet. You can also sell bitcoin the same way.

You can swap more than 50 different crypto assets directly for one another with the Ledger app. This is done via a Changelly integration and allows you to exchange one digital asset for another with no fiat currencies involved.

The Ledger app allows you to lend tether, USDC and DAI through Compound Protocol. This could allow you to generate interest on your crypto assets while your cTokens are secured by your hardware wallet which means no one can claim your assets while lending them.

You can also stake via the Ledger app, earning yield from holding Tezos, Tron, Cosmos, Algorand and Polkadot. This means you can receive rewards while holding your tokens secure on your Ledger hardware wallet.

To access all these features and more connect your Ledger hardware wallet to the Ledger Live app right now!

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