Meet Qonos- A Purpose-Built Digital Frame for NFT Art and Collectibles

15 March 2021

Meet Qonos- A Purpose-Built Digital Frame for NFT Art and Collectibles

The non-fungible token (NFT) artwork and collectible ecosystem has exploded in recent months and just last week, a Beeple-crafted NFT sold for $69 million at the world-famous auction house Christie’s. As the NFT space swells, a new product has been launched called “Qonos,” a purpose-built digital display for NFT art and collectibles. The company’s initial sale sold out in less than 24 hours and the company is preparing the next shipment of products for pre-order customers.

The Qonos Digital Display for NFT Art and Collectibles Initial Sale Sells Out in 24 Hours

NFTs have clearly been all the rage and a great number of new non-fungible token ideas have come out of the woodwork. On March 14,’s newsdesk reported on a slew of celebrities that have entered the non-fungible token (NFT) asset economy. Well known luminaries such as NFL greats like Patrick Mahomes, and Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, Latin superstar Ozuna, the multi-platinum recording artist Lil Pump, and the band Kings of Leon have all dropped unique NFT collections.

With all the demand surrounding the NFT ecosystem, a new product has launched called Qonos. Essentially, Qonos is a purpose-built digital display (frame) for NFT art and collectibles. The company’s website says the product is “the world’s first custom digital frame for NFT art and collectibles.”

Meet Qonos- A Purpose-Built Digital Frame for NFT Art and Collectibles

Up until now, NFT enthusiasts and collectors kept their valuable NFTs in a crypto wallet for display. The founder of Qonos, Moe Levin, believes NFTs need something better so collectors can display their non-fungible collectibles fashionably.

“Cultural innovation deserves a customized canvas – that’s what we set out to build at Qonos,” Levin explained to “We’ve designed a purpose-built display and seamlessly integrated platform for NFT art and collectibles that allows people and galleries to instantly curate and share their favorite artworks to their walls.”

Levin is also the founder of Keynote, a crypto conference and event firm invoked in 2012. Keynote is responsible for popular events like The North American Bitcoin Conference hosted annually in Miami.

Qonos Founder: ‘NFT Art Is the Next Evolution of Human Artistic Endeavors’

Qonos hardware stats can be found on the company’s website, as it explains that the product comes with a high-resolution screen, integrated graphics processing, and motion/proximity sensors. Further, it has a “slimline, flush-mount design, and a walnut finish frame.” Moreover, Qonos allows owners to access a gallery of NFTs worth $500 million.

“Anyone with Qonos hardware can access the Gallery – a collection of over $500 million dollars worth of digital art and collectibles,” the company announcement detailed. “Qonos owners can curate personalised playlists of their favorite artworks and then transport them to their Qonos display to customize their interior,” the company emphasized.

“The difference between an art buyer and an art collector is how they display their collection. NFT art is the next evolution of human artistic endeavors. We designed Qonos to showcase an artistic revolution and we’re optimistic about the future.” Levin stressed. In addition to popular Ethereum-based NFTs, Levin also explained that the Qonos hardware is compatible with Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) NFT architecture that leverages the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network.

Josh Dykgraaf, creative director at Qonos said that the technology now exists to host transformative displays of artwork backed by blockchain technology. “We have the technology now to change our music, our movies, our TV shows, based on our mood. Why not art?” Dykgraaf insisted. “If the last year has shown us anything, it’s that the world is always changing. Why shouldn’t our art aesthetic change as much as we do?”

After the initial Qonos sale, pre-orders for the next release are now available via their website. The Qonos 17.3″ product is $999, while the Qonos 24″ is $1,499. The 17” model ships in 6-8 weeks, and the 24” Qonos model will ship in 10-12 weeks, the company’s web portal explains.

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