Father Laughs Off Son’s Financial Hopes: How the Ones You Love the Most Want to See Bitcoin Fail

1 April 2021

Father Laughs Off Son's Financial Hopes: How the Ones You Love the Most Want to See Bitcoin Fail

Some people will never believe in bitcoin and the cryptocurrency economy Satoshi’s invention has created. A lot of cryptocurrency believers are familiar with the mainstream pundits and economists claiming bitcoin will go to zero, but oftentimes it’s the ones they care about the most that hope to see bitcoin fail. On Wednesday evening on Reddit, one bitcoiner said his father laughed him off because of bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Loved Ones: Why Are Family and Friends Waiting to Say ‘I Told You So?’

It’s understandable that bitcoin (BTC) and the rest of the crypto coins in existence might be difficult to conceptualize for someone who just heard about the technology. Crypto fans are also quite used to the status quo financial incumbents and government authorities talking down on decentralized crypto assets. But a lot of people don’t discuss how friends and family members make them feel when they criticize bitcoin, grow envious of the asset’s value rise, and even want it to fail so they can say “I told you so.”

It’s very likely that a lot of bitcoin enthusiasts have people close to them who have expressed this opinion and will never take the crypto asset seriously.

Father Laughs Off Son's Financial Hopes: How the Ones You Love the Most Want to See Bitcoin Fail
Sometimes it’s our closest family members or friends who discourage us the most when it comes to bitcoin and the crypto economy.

On March 31, a Reddit user called “einemnes” said that his own father recently laughed him off because of bitcoin. “Today I tried to explain to my [70-year-old] father about why this is a good investment in the long run,” he wrote. “He looked at me and laughed. Basically he thinks that he is very experienced because he has seen many pyramid schemes and he knows I will lose everything. I replied this is not the case at all, but he insisted,” the son explained. He said maybe his father was right and he felt down about the situation.

The Redditor continued:

I told him I have little to lose and much to win, and that maybe and just maybe one day it is worth enough for me to build a house, which is my dream. He laughed harder and it bothered me because I really want to accomplish this dream no matter what and I felt really discouraged to see my own father laughing at my financial hopes.

Sound Advice: ‘Most People Cannot Recognize the Future Until It’s the Present’

Einemnes further said that he doesn’t think bitcoin (BTC) getting to $175k per unit is impossible. He said that he knows that’s a high price target but the conversation with his father has made him feel down. “I don’t want Lambos, as you guys often joke,” he stressed. “I just would like to have a nice home, which I consider a humble purpose. How unlikely is that to happen?” Many visitors of the thread responded to him and one wrote “this needs more attention” as bitcoiners can relate to their folks or good friends laughing them off.

While there were a few Lambo boys who mentioned that he shouldn’t care “what some boomer thinks,” quite a few others gave the son some sound advice. “Most people are conditioned to not recognize the future until it’s the present,” another individual explained. “Don’t hold human nature against him, but definitely don’t feel bad about yourself. Recognize that you’ll be light years ahead in the discussion if you acknowledge the incredible risk, but that you consider the end game sound if it’s widely adopted. Leave it at that,” the Redditor added.

It is hard to explain to friends and family members about bitcoin and the digital currency economy, but it’s even harder when these loved ones doubt you. Einemnes’ Reddit thread was littered with comments, as people can relate to family members casting shade down on crypto assets. In time they may see that the technology doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and these days, most would likely agree that only fools believe the crypto economy is just a fad. There are plenty of pundits mocking our love for bitcoin and the technology and unfortunately, sometimes it’s the ones who are closest to us.

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