Found in 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand, Lunique’s experience and growth mindset are built on across country real estate business know-how over long years.

The call for easy life has come due to rapid urbanization, degradation on the planet, the turbulent global situation and disruptions on quality of life, thus it is our mission to create simple high quality, sustainable, enjoyable and long-term property solutions to home owners, investors and business partners. Create the best harbor of refuge for you.
Lunique strives to facilitate the urban regentrification and betterment of living.

Creating innovative property developments that are always people driven. With registered capital of 800 million bath. Lunique is strategically ‘ed by Khun Uradee, the major stakeholder in the company, with a mission to creating innovative property developments that are always people driven. Serving also as director and shareholder of the partner company, Day Break Real Estate Co.,Ltd., Khun Uradee takes great pride in her successful creation of several development project in China, including Di Hu Garden, with a large residential community with approximately 50,000 residents.

As a visionary, Khun Uradee carries a passion that rooted in creating truly sustainable living to home owners. Through understanding real customer’s voice preferences and ever-changing market trends, she designs purpose-built properties projects that are both high qualities, sustainably conscious, and aesthetically sophisticated. Even though as a company Lunique is still young, we possess a rich real estate development experiences and are excited to make a mark in the Thailand real estate scenes in coming years.

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