For over a 4 decades, countless satisfied customers from around the world interested in purchasing the perfect condominium for their future, have trusted Global Top Group with the rental management for their property investments.

In their work they are consistent in applying US and European quality standards, ensuring great and long-lasting performance of their projects, headed by highly qualified professional engineers and construction specialists. They strictly supervise the overall procedures according to the plans.

The heart of the company is “the build”. Using our their internally structured and funded construction company – all projects follow a tight schedule. Construction is started on time, finished and delivered on time. They source only the Highest-grade materials for their projects. Their resources are deployed with a goal of maximum efficiency in the speed of our build.

Global Top Group in Pattaya Thailand is one company that assists ex-pats through an easy and risk-free process. They are one of the very few companies that can purchase their land and give all foreigners the benefit of Freehold, which gives them the ownership of their condo for life. If at any time they wish to relinquish or transfer their condo they can do so with the assistance of our After Sales Department. But if not then it’s theirs for a lifetime.

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