BCH Bull Launches Production Release, While Cashfusion Fuses Over $2 Billion in BCH

27 April 2023

As the Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts brace themselves for the much-awaited upgrade that vows to unleash decentralized applications, General Protocols revealed a complete production release of its decentralized hedging application, boasting a doubled contract size. Meanwhile, those utilizing the privacy-boosting protocol Cashfusion have fused over 17.4 million bitcoin cash since its inception, equivalent to a staggering $2 billion in U.S. dollar value.

General Protocols Reveals Latest Defi Application Release

The Bitcoin Cash community eagerly awaits an upgrade that promises to revolutionize the creation of decentralized applications on May 15, 2023. Last November, blockchain developer Jason Dreyzehner shared the news that the 2023 upgrade had been successfully added to the testnet network. Dreyzehner elaborated on the forthcoming improvements, which will introduce Cashtokens capable of generating a plethora of possibilities, from identity tokens and covenant-tracking identity tokens, to voting with fungible tokens, sealed voting, multithreaded covenants, and multi-covenant decentralized applications.

In the interim, BCH enthusiasts have been introduced to the full-fledged production version of BCH Bull. The decentralized finance (defi) application empowers users to long or hedge their BCH against various tradable assets. The project’s developers announced the latest release on April 17, 2023, and disclosed several new enhancements, adding to the platform’s appeal. “BCH Bull Production release is out,” the defi application’s devs announced on Twitter. “2x the contract size, 3x the contract duration, approx 30% cheaper fees, additional asset (CNY), premium tracker and language localization.”

BCH Bull has a new asset! Now you can hedge or leverage against Chinese Yuan (CNY). BCH Bull also has language localization, with Chinese language support. We hope to add more assets and language support as we grow! #bethebull #bch #cny #bitcoincash #utxo #chinese #chineseyuan pic.twitter.com/7Ts7qy3jFp

BCH BULL (@BCH_BULL) April 18, 2023

Cashfusion Fuses $2B in Value Since Inception

April marked yet another significant milestone for Cashfusion, as the number of fusions jumped beyond $2 billion in value since its inception on November 28, 2019. Presently, over 17.4 million bitcoin cash (BCH) has been fused, currently valued at $2,049,395,837 according to current BCH exchange rates. This achievement has come at a time when Coinjoin processes have come under intense scrutiny. Both Cashfusion and Conjoin techniques are employed to obscure the origin and destination of crypto transactions, but their approaches and levels of privacy differ vastly.

While Coinjoin combines multiple crypto transactions, making it difficult to determine which inputs are associated with which outputs, it is not infallible as some patterns can still be identified. In contrast, Cashfusion is considered a more sophisticated privacy technique that utilizes a multi-party computation (MPC) protocol to blend transactions in such a way that even the participants cannot decipher which inputs are associated with which outputs. Data analyst James Waugh conducted tests on Cashfusion in 2020 and strongly endorsed the scheme’s practicality over other Coinjoin methods.

With just 18 days left before the much-anticipated BCH upgrade, Bitcoin Cash supporters are looking forward to the introduction of additional privacy-enhancing, decentralized applications. While they await the upgrade, BCH proponents are still taking advantage of tools like BCH Bull and Cashfusion. Along with the impressive Cashfusion milestone, this privacy application has now been integrated into the Electron Cash mobile wallet for Android systems, bolstering its accessibility.

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